Sun At Night Studios
Photography and Illustrations



Our imagery has been published globally from conceptual to microchips or wafers to gemstones to landscapes. While our specialty is photomicrography and macrophotography our studio offers much more.




No product is too small. Our studio specializes in microphotography (a.k.a. photomicrography) at 60x magnification. The studio utilizes binocular microscope. At this time scanning electron is not offered. Unique imagery is achieved by the studio offering lighting alternatives (uv, mixed lighting etc.)


Your Products

The output of the product photo session can be used in tradeshow wallpapers, large prints for backdrops or posters. The output can be as large as you need it to be for marketing or advertising uses. 


The Whimsical Side

Sun At Night Studios provides digital illustration, vector designs that can be used in a number of different ways:

Our studio has sold over 10,000 products using our  illustrated designs. Our specialty is in industry specific designs that blend seasonal themes with construction, plumbing, education and hobby related themes.

Vector Services

The studio offers custom vector designs to wood workers, crafters, and laser cutters. File outputs are EPS, SVG, AI, DWG and others.



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